The second aspect of the IMPACT project is capacity building among stakeholders within India to recognize, allow and promote the use of ICT to advance democracy and human rights, specifically FoE and FOI

The capacity-building efforts include:

Awareness: Build awareness among target groups of the critical importance of protecting and promoting human rights on the internet as a pre-condition for democracy and the exercise of civil and political rights.
Implementation: Strengthen understanding among target groups of how restrictions of human rights on the internet are implemented (including the rights to freedom of expression, privacy, and freedom of assembly), how these rights are being threatened at technical and regulatory levels by both States and corporations, and what techniques they can use to communicate more securely and safely online.
Knowledge and Tools to uphold FoE: Provide human rights defenders (our primary target groups) with knowledge, tools and support to respond to rights violations and advocate for the long term protection of human rights on the internet.
Promote multi-stakeholder approach to building networks: Facilitate and support multi-stakeholder networks that can respond to threats to human rights on the internet and build stronger human rights cultures on the internet in each of the three countries.


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