The training modules explore the relationship among human rights, ICTs and the internet. These modules are intended to help those who work on human rights and/or ICTs, and others with an interest in the issues, to understand ways in which the internet is affecting the enjoyment and protection of rights – now and in the future – and explore how these affect their work.

Human Rights, ICTs and the Internet

This module provides an overview of the relationship between rights, information and communication technologies (ICTs) and the internet.


 Freedom of Expression

This module provides an overview of the relationship between the internet, freedom of expression and freedom of information.


Right to Privacy

This module looks at the right to privacy in the context of the internet and ICTs. It focuses on the changing nature of the right to privacy and the difficult balance that must be struck between promoting privacy and ensuring the enjoyment of other human rights.



The Universal Periodic Review is a mechanism of the UNHRC to assess the status of human rights in member states. It is a peer review comprising of an interactive review and based on information provided by the State, UN Agencies, Civil Society and recommendations from other member states.