If you are from journalist, photographer, blogger, writer, entrepreneur, activist or simply someone who cares and would like to be part of this platform can be part of IR volunteership programme. Under this platform, we encourage you to share your opinions, views and voice on internet and its relationship with political, social, cultural and economic issues.

What do we publish?

Opinion/Insight articles (500 words): Strong explanation of the issue and a concise yet effective delivery of opinions that make the reader think – backed by facts and foresight. References need to be mentioned separately.

Analytical/research articles (1500-2000 words):  With a wider analysis of the issue, written in an interesting non-academic manner in order to engage the audience throughout the post. Must not be monotonous at any point and must stick to the point.

Case-Studies (Under 1000 words): Related to good news, personal perspective, an individual, an initiative or something that makes people relate to the issue at a personal level – a story that connects.

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